What Size Should You Choose For Your Kids Best Trampoline

Should You Choose For Your Kids Best Trampoline 2016

Are you planning to get a trampoline for your little one? I know how bad it is sit when you kid bugs you to get some fun play stuff thinking of whether its safe or not. Once my kid was bugging me to get him one best trampoline and I got the right one for him assuring full safety,healthy and fun!

Remember varied trampoline sizes are available and thing you should consider most is it a long term use backyard fun equipment which need to be installed of correct size and best for your child. In this post basically we will check into few measurements of your kids best trampoline 2016.


8ft & 10ft Round Trampolines

Do you have a larger backyard? If not 8ft-10ft trampoline is best for your kid. A perfect choice for smaller compound area for little ones to bounce on it. It is good that one child is allowed to bounce at a time as there is chance that both may jump and hit each other spoiling the entire fun. An 8ft trampoline is lower to the base, so its better to check whether kid’s weight can be properly balanced on it. Continue reading “What Size Should You Choose For Your Kids Best Trampoline” »

Healthy Weight Lifting: Benefits

With people from all over the world becoming conscious of their looks, maintaining a healthy, muscular body has become important. People now spend a great deal of time, money and effort to look good and healthy. Men and women are realizing that heathy weight lifting will not only enhance their health but will also help improve their appearance. Weightlifting done in the right manner can help one achieve his or her desired body type.

Handsome power athletic man in training pumping up muscles with dumbbell. Strong bodybuilder with six pack perfect abs shoulders biceps triceps and chest
Handsome power athletic man in training pumping up muscles with dumbbell. Strong bodybuilder with six pack perfect abs shoulders biceps triceps and chest

Weight lifting comes with a load of health benefits. Studies have shown that resistance exercise such as lifting weights helps to improve the musculoskeletal system of the body. It also prevents loss of body mass, osteoporosis and lower-back pain. It contributes to conditioning of the muscles which is crucial for body strength and overall stability. Muscle conditions helps enhance the strength and density of the bones and also makes the tendons, muscles and connective tissues stronger. These help maintain the functional abilities of the body thereby enabling one to enjoy life even in old age. Continue reading “Healthy Weight Lifting: Benefits” »

Ways To Strengthen Your Biceps

The biceps are the muscles at the front of the upper arm, which connect the shoulder to the elbow.  The bicep muscles are used every day in simple tasks such as lifting a bag of shopping or even turning a key.  There are many exercises we can do to strengthen our biceps. Some are very simple and can be carried out whatever your strength size or age.


One way of strenghthing biceps are bicep curls; the great thing about these is they can be done at different levels.  If your biceps are not very strong you could simply use tins of beans, by placing one in each hand and doing repetitions on each side.  The more you do this, the stronger your biceps will become and you can progress to a stronger weight by using dumbbells, which come in a variety of weights.

One exercise which is very popular for strenghthing biceps is the barbell curl.  When you hold the barbell always ensure you have your palms facing away from you.  Once you are in the correct position pull or curl the weight up towards you.  Start off with a light weight and once you feel comfortable with a weight, you can then use a heavier weight.  The more you do this the bigger the weight you will be able to use as you will be gradually strengthening your biceps. Continue reading “Ways To Strengthen Your Biceps” »


Wrestling is widely recognised as the world is oldest competitive sport. It is a sport in which two contestants attempt to force each othe is shoulders to the floor, thus scoring a fall and winning the match.

If a wrestler cannot score a fall within the time limit, a winner is determined based on a point-scoring system. When the ancient Games of the Olympiad were born, wrestling was already there. The first Olympic Games was comprised of eight sports, with every athlete competing in all eight. Wrestling was the final and ultimate sport, as a true test of strength and skill. There are currently five styles of amateur wrestling which are practiced, each with separate rules, techniques, and emphasis. These five styles are: Folkstyle, Freestyle, Judo, Sombo, and Greco-Roman. Greco-Roman wrestling included in the first Olympic Games in 1896. Freestyle wrestling was added in 1904. The International wrestling federation FILA is established in Stockholm in 1912.

wretling 2


Olympic-style wrestling:

Olympic-style wrestling matches consist of a 1-period, five-minute match. A match is completed if a wrestler scores a fall, or if at the end of the regulation time, 1 wrestler has scored more points. Under current rules, if neither wrestler scores at least 3 points in the 5 minutes allotted for the match then the wrestlers must go into an overtime period of a maximum of 3 minutes. If neither wrestler has scored 3 points at the end of the overtime, or if the bout is still drawn, the officials determine the winner.


Folkstyle was developed in the US, and is not used in international competition. Folkstyle concentrates on control, with points awarded for controlling an opponent for lengths of time longer then when under control. Folkstyle is similar to Freestyle in that for some of the time both wrestlers are on their feet and attempting to take each other to the mat in order to gain control.

Continue reading “Wrestling” »